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Raising social brand awareness and sales through digital Marketing

You need below things to start Digital Marketing

1. Digital Marketing Compatible website

2. Business Goal for Sales / Branding

3. Who is your target audience? or whom you wanted to                    Reach? Your Targeted Region?

4. Your Budget or your Sales Target ?

5.  Creative & Communication


1.Digital Marketing Compatible website / Page in social Media

A Digital Marketing compatible website has those configurations and features
it’s easy for search engines to crawl (read) and understand what the particular
website is all about and its always mobile friendly / responsive.
and user friendly to reach and attract your Target Audience.

We suggest below is mandatory for your website to enter in Digital Marketing

Page speed Minimum of 92 / should load in 1.5 seconds means FAST LOADING WEB PAGES

A professional layout and brief of your service or Product

Content with your Business related Keywords

Your all website User id/passwords should handled by entrepreneur / Owner


2. Business Goal for Sales / Branding

Choose a marketing goal for your ads

Digital Marketing gives plenty of solution for Sales / Branding,
but they work best when you’re focussed about whatyou want to achieve.

We provide ad objectives : a way to clarify your marketing goals for campaigns or
even individual ads. While the objectives can be granular, they fall under
the larger goals of awareness, engagement and conversion.





3. Who is your target audience? or whom you wanted to Reach? Your Targeted Region?

Before start your Digital Marketing be clear your target region and your Target Audience
Target audience means may be your buyer / client / customer / Visitor etc

You should categorize your target audience like youth / old / middle age or middle class / upper class
or Men / women its all depend your product / service or depend your campaign

> Know your Target audience
> Find your Target audience
> Find your Region
Blast your brand as you like.,


4. Your Budget or your Sales Target ?

Budget its all about your own decision, depend your sales target or depend your Market potential
you can fix your budget its may be a 100 Rs to 10,00,00,000 Rs

Trial campaign and Continues Market research will generate average Digital Marketing budget
and our agency will help you fix the budget cannot disturb your profit margin.

Know your Target audience
> Find your Target audience
> Find your Region
> Blast your brand as you like.,

5. Creative & Communication

Our Creative team are typically “branding experts” and great at marketing and social branding design.
Specifically, we are known for designing online banners, facebook banners,
Marketing redirecting display banners, google adwords content writing, Social media videos,
Viral videos, UI Interface videos, and achieving a cohesive overall branding feel.

Well equipped creative team with Post production & Audio production studio
and having more than 12 experience graphic designers to satisfy our client requirement @ 24X7

> Fix creative agency
> Convey what you like to say to your customer
> Get creative
Blast your brand as you like.,


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